Spamming own blog

Alih-alih nyampah di socmed, saia memilih nyampah di rumah sendiri. Obviously, saia galau! Karena apa?!
1. Just because i will live somewhere far away from home?!
2. Just because i will be boss and anakbuah also?!
3. Just because it will be first experience?!
4. Just because i think too much of everything that maybe wouldnt be happen?!
5. Just because real things will be just virtual things? Skype, Line, Lync, Viber, Whatsapp and else?!

Ah elah, aii, come on, 3 years wouldnt be that long, i will survive, i will surviveee, yeaa..yeaa.. #singing


4 thoughts on “Spamming own blog

  1. Yes, absolutely! You will survive my lovely friends. You won’t be in the middle of jungle :p
    Just trust yourself. *sottoy deh gue* 😀

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