Backpaker Wanna Be : Day 2-The Sentosa Day Play

This is the day we’re waiting for. After had two couples of bread and a cup of coffee for breakfast we go to Bugis MRT Station, we have to transit two times to Sentosa Island, first in City Hall and second in Dhoby Ghout, we stopped at Harbour Front Station and go up to Level 3 of Vivo City Mall. Processed our tickets, tapped in our Ezlink Card to take Sentosa Express, and there we go, first move at Imbiah Lookout B-)

Welcome to Sentosa

Welcome to Sentosa

It was start at 9 am and took only about 45 minutes from Bugis to Harbour Front, I think MRT is super duper cool public transportation, so envy, wish Jakarta have kind of this as public transportation. Spend so less time.

Wahana yang kami mainin, banyaknya di Imbiah Lookout, jadi klw naik Sentosa Express, turun di terminal kedua, Imbiah Station. What did we get in Imbiah Lookout? banyaak, karena hampir disana semua, kami cuma ke daerah Beachnya pas mau solat, ke Fort Siloso, dan pas liat Song of the Sea show. Wahana yang kami coba adalah:

  1. The Merlion Park : Sentosa welcoming you all with The Giant Merlion at Imbiah Lookout, took some photos there for first before compete with other tourists to have a great angle. :mrgreen: (ini wahana foto-foto aja sebenarnya :p)
  2. Tiger Sky : Move up high smoothly, then you’ll see panorama of Singapore in 360 degress, so nice.
  3. The 4D Attraction : There are 3 attraction of it, the show, the game, and the ride.  The show is so great, totally 4D, best pictures, best moves, and you also felt when spiders walk under your foot and when kind of sword strike your back, really cool. The game is also great, riding a horse like a coboy and shots to the enemy, and I was the loser here because I only got 19 points whilst the best score is 137, what a shame :mrgreen: The last attraction is the ride, and this is the coolest one, it’s like you’re in a rollercoaster, the extreme rollercoaster for sure, really amazing, everything here seems so real. Lot thumbs up.
  4. Cable Car : Guys, this is cool too. This is the Jewel Cable Car, really comfort, the views is great.
  5. The Images of Singapore :  I thought it would be nothing interesting here, but not. I still satisfied here, sightseeing Singapore from year to year, like in a museum but a little bit spooky actually.
  6. Butterfly and Insect Kingdom : I don’t like butterfly or any kind of insects, just looking around.
  7. Fort Siloso Combat : This is would be great if you came here in groups, because there would be a live battle, this time is just the two of us battle one staff in Fort Siloso Combat, and we lose :mrgreen:  Nice smiley guy staff by the way #eh
  8. Luge : We only have chance one around here. A little bit hard for first, but after a short exercise, we ride it smoothly.
  9. Skyride : We call bom-bom car in Dufan-Jakarta, but skyride had long track and cool, like riding a small car, easy and fun
  10. Skyline : Whew, this is scary for me, I felt unsafe here, like a cable car but not that high, but face the open air directly, scary yet just-a-little-bit fun
  11. Song of The Sea: Ada alur ceritanya gitu, alur ceritanya sangat biasa aja, tp ke-biasa-aja-annya itu ketutup sama kerennya pertunjukkan laser-laserannya. Tapi menurut saia lebih keren pas keluar api-apinya gitu, berasa panas dan megahnya, fun to watch-lah 😀

Overall, Sentosa sama sekali tidak mengecewakan. Yang mengecewakan adalah saia yang cepat lelah dan cepat keringatan :mrgreen:

Merlion, again!

Merlion, again!


The View from Tigersky


Skyline, chuii!



images of singapore

Images of Singapore

Cable Car

Cable Car

ps: sudah hampir seminggu lebih mendekam di draft, hampir saja hiatus saia kambuh –“


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