The Kite Runner


The Kite Runner

My bestfriend, Indah SM also known as Ary, gave me this novel on May 17, 2011 and i’ve just finished read it by now. The novel of Khaled Hosseini. The very first reason why it took a long time to read it, is just because this is an english version novel. :mrgreen:

i was trying hard to read it at first, then forgot it, always stop on the third chapter or seventh. On January 2013, i started to read it again. I read chapter per chapter, so slowly, until i finally got the spot that made me keep reading on it. It has very unique story, extraordinary and rich in warmth.

I love this novel. There are some good points to learn, about how to be a good again, about loyality, honesty, betrayal and redemption, and also bravery.

There are things i want to know further: hazara, taliban, and even culture of Afghanistan. There’s also a good quote “…when you  tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth” couldn’t agree more of it; “there’s a way to be good again” remind me that i will always have chance to be a good person to everyone. And there’s a statement, sounds nice statement “for you, a thousand times over” when i read that statement i always imagined of Hassan, one of the greatest person on it.

Recommended to read. and Finally i hv to thank to Ary for giving me this very best novel.


3 thoughts on “The Kite Runner

  1. I’ve read it also, but indonesian version, not an english version. And i’ve finished it about 1 or 2 years ago :p
    All my thumbs are up for this novel.
    There are a lot of emotions in this novel. I love how the writer bring me into the stories. I can feel hurts, pains, love, sadness, and like you said, brave.
    This novel is totally recommended.
    By the way, should i give a comment in english when your posting is in english? :p

    • you better post ur comment in english and let me confuse how to reply it.. :mrgreen:

      lagi ngerasa byk penurunan aja..makanya ‘latihan’ post in english disini..bebas aja mw comment pke bahasa apa..asal bukan bahasa ciputat.. :p

      • huwaaaa bawa-bawa wilayah ini :p
        tapi iya juga sih, disini mengalami degradasi kemampuan berbahasa inggris.
        Mungkin gue juga mau nyoba deh di blog gue. Biarpun maap-maap kalau grammarnya sala-salah, kan namanya juga belajar :p

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