Do you know what CRAP is? Have you ever heard about CRAP? The abbreviation of Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. There you go, some of you must be familiar with this stuff. The basic principles in designing a user interface. The simplest guidance about visual design concepts, about how to design an interface, whether it’s a web based interface, desktop application interface or a multimedia product. Well, for me, the good interface is when user no needs assistance in using that application; user can simply interact with the application, know how to go and know where they are without getting lost. It’s about the consistency to put the navigation, great color combination, the same objects grouping (links, menu, button, etc), great typography, and also the alignment so that user feels comfort when they read the information.


Lets learn one by one briefly:
– Contrast: differentiate everything that should be different, between foreground and background color, the font size for title and content, font style for a link
– Repetition: or we may say visual consistency, about how to put the navigation in the same place
– Alignment: to make the layout easily to read, I’ve ever read somewhere that the left alignment is the best alignment for the web content #cmiiw
– Proximity: grouping the same objects and separates the non-similar objects

Seems too brief?! Yes, because I just let y’all to find the complete explanation in a search engine or read the reference book by yourself. *dikeplak dari jauh* :mrgreen:

Just that simple. Now, let’s “diagnose” our own blog 🙂

Reference: 3rd Edition, the essential guide to user interface design an introduction to GUI design principles and techniques, Wilbert O. Galitz

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