breaking the habits?!

Just found myself getting bored in blogging. Nothing to post, never do the blog-walking, seldom reply the comment, and have no brave to practice my written in English, such haven’t given myself to do the wrong English post, ah whatever. Feels like leaving it like a zombie. I should change my habits, I should stop my hiatus-hobby, or should I consider sharing something I’ve got from my college?

It’s been two-year from my graduation, feels like missing my time to sit in a class, having a discussion group, giving a hard attention to the lecturer, copying the other’s tasks, and else. I really don’t want to lose my knowledge, I have to implement my knowledge, I don’t want to forget what I’ve learnt. I like multimedia class, human computer interaction, cryptography, natural language processing, and also artificial intelligence. And now I have to re-learn it all. I have to share it all, thought that’s the best way to force myself to keep learning.

Should I make such a plan what to post here?
Isn’t that too passionate if I make such a plan what to post here?
*mengangkat bahu, tersisa keengganan, tapi merasa harus* #labil

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